Your Journey to Recovery has just Begun...Welcome

Many people begin their journey wondering if they really have an issue with compulsive sex, love, romantic intrigue or Internet addiction.  While there are lots of resources to help you find answers, only you can answer that question. If you believe you have a problem, please come to one of our meetings. We won't try to convince you of anything. Our personal recovery depends on us sharing our hope with other people who struggle with compulsive and destructive behaviors which have left their lives unmanageable. It usually takes a few meetings to determine if you indeed need help.  Thousands have benefited from this program in maintaining a life of serenity and emotional sobriety. Take the next step and call now to attend a meeting or simply show up and you'll be welcomed by caring, compassionate people who have been where you are now and have found the solution. If things have not been working out in your life as you like, perhaps it's time for a change.  We offer experience, strength, and hope.  Join Us!


Our Group, Sex and Love Addicts of Memphis, does not speak for all of S.L.A.A. This website is not the official S.L.A.A. Fellowship Wide Services (F.W.S.) website.   We are autonomous except in matters affecting other Groups or S.L.A.A. as a whole.